Why should I consider mowing my lawn weekly?

There are numerous reasons to mow your lawn on a weekly basis.
  1. For the health of your turf is #1!
  2. To keep it manageable for our lawn mowers to handle.
  3. So your lawn is always looking its very best!
(1) Grass plants are living organisms and do best when 1/3 or less of the grass blade is removed with each cut.  This also reduces the amount of thatch that will build up over time as the smaller pieces of grass will break down more quickly and act as a natural fertilizer for your lawn.  Properly maintained lawns tend to have less weeds and are also more drought resistant over the summer months.
(2) Yes.  We have commercial lawn mowers, but cutting grass after 2 weeks of growth can really put additional stress on our machines.  Often, after 2 weeks of growth, the grass clippings will clump up or large blades of grass will be blanketing the top of your lawn.  This can smoother out your nice healthy turf underneath!  We do our best to clean up the clippings by running the mower over the lawn additional times or by blowing around the clippings.  Either of the tasks burn additional fuel and take time to complete, which could very possibly cause us to increase our price so your service remains profitable for our business.
(3) Wouldn’t it be nice to know your lawn is always going to look good and be usable?  What if you are having family and friends over and your lawn hasn’t been cut for the 2 weeks prior, it would make any activities in the lawn much less enjoyable.  We want to make sure your lawn makes you proud all of the time!
Thank you for considering having your lawn cut on a weekly basis.  We are happy to accommodate switching back to a every other week mowing schedule if the growth rate slows down over the summer months.
Benefits of Weekly Lawn Mowing

Lawn Care Service Lawn Mowing Frequency

If you do choose to use B ‘n B Lawn Mowing for your lawn mowing needs in Northern Kentucky, we wanted to get you some more specific info regarding our service and where we stand on how often your lawn should be mowed.

We do everything we can to accommodate the needs and wishes of our lawn mowing clients.  To do this, we offer the option of weekly mowing, every other week mowing, and even 1-time mowing services.  We much prefer to mow all lawns every week in the spring time as the grass tends to grow very rapidly in NKY during this time of the year!  With that said, we do have a handful of lawns that simply don’t grow that fast and honestly don’t need to be cut every week.  This is usually due to lack of proper watering or fertilization, excessive shade, or poor soil conditions.

Weekly Lawn Mowing

By ‘weekly’ we literally mean every 7 seven unless our schedule is affected by the weather.  Our clients love that we should up at approximately the same day, on the same day, each and every week like clockwork!

Every Other Week Lawn Mowing

Every other week mowing also occurs on the same day each week and at approximately the same time.  If we are cutting a lawn every other week, it often increases the price over what the weekly service price would have been pretty drastically.  This is because we refuse to leave your lawn looking bad!  We need to charge more to accommodate the additional time we will have in the job due to us have to ‘double mow’ the lawn, blow around clumps and clippings until they disappear back into the lawn, and account for the additional fuel we will burn along with considering the opportunity cost of offering bi-weekly lawn mowing services.

1-Time Lawn Mowing Service

We can certainly mow your lawn only once.  Often we will do this due to a lawn mower being in the repair shop, the family is on vacation, or possibly illness or injury, among other possible scenarios.  Please know your quote for a 1-time mowing service is going to be 2x the price of what your weekly lawn mowing price would be.  We have to do this to account for the time it takes to setup a new client into our system and process a 1-time payment.  Thank you for understanding! 

10 or 12 Day Mowing Schedules?

We are not able to accommodate random mowing schedules such as every 10 or 12 days.  We have too many lawns on our schedule to have to re-work the schedule each and every week.  What many people who are not in the industry don’t realize is how drive time kills a lawn care company’s ability to be profitable.  To keep our routes tight and prices as affordable as humanly possible, we simply cut on an every 7 or 14 day basis.

Interested in learning more?

Check out this very informative website offered by the University of Kentucky’s Department of Agriculture.  Learn all about your Northern Kentucky lawn and how to keep it as healthy as can be!