Looking for a lawn or landscape service in Northern KY?  You are in the right place.

Ryan Sciamanna compiled a list of 11 popular lawn services that serve NKY and provides insight as to why you may want to use one instead of the other.

This list was updated on 2/29/2020.

11 Lawn Services in Northern KY:

  1. B N B Lawn Mowing
  2. A & A Lawncare
  3. Alpha Lawns
  4. Oasis Turf
  5. Pro Lawn Care
  6. Merkle Lawn Care
  7. TruGreen
  8. Central Lawn Care
  9. NKY Lawn Pros
  10. Nature’s Way Landscaping
  11. Cru Cutters

Ryan is a well respected green industry professional. His YouTube Channel has over 10,000 lawn and landscape business owners subscribed to it and is growing fast!  He also is the author of Cracking the Code to Profit in which he shares how he found success in the lawn care industry in hopes to save new lawn care companies time and money as they build their business.

You may know Ryan as he was the original owner of Loyal Green. Ryan sold Loyal Green in April of 2017 and the company is no longer in business. The key employees from Loyal Green now work for B N B Lawn Mowing with Ryan running the show.

B N B Lawn Mowing

B n B Lawn Mowing Logo

Phone: (859) 669-9755

Website: bnblawnmowing.com

Rating: 5 Stars

B N B Lawn Mowing is perfect for anyone looking for a reliable, professional lawn care service that does work at very affordable rates.

B N B Lawn Mowing offers free quotes which they provide quickly.  All of B N B Lawn Mowing’s lawn care quotes come with no-obligation and are free to request.

B N B Lawn Mowing serves Boone, Kenton, and Campbell County with a 5-star rating on every review platform including Google, Yelp, the BBB, and Facebook.

B N B Lawn Mowing can can any or all of your lawn and landscape needs like lawn mowing, pruning, mulching, and much more.

Request your lawn care quote from B N B Lawn Mowing now and check the lawn chores off your to-do list today!

A & A Lawn Care

A A Lawn Care Logo

Phone: (859) 384-0266

Website: aalawns.com

Rating: 4.8 Stars

A & A Lawn Care seems to be everywhere.  They have a lot of trucks, a lot of employees, and cover almost the entire 275 loop.

We know the owners of this company know what they are doing.  The have managed to recently ramp up their review count and it is staggering.

A & A Lawn Care maybe a cheap option, but remember, you get what you pay for.  They offer about every lawn and landscape service.

Alpha Lawns

Alpha Lawns Logo

Phone: (859) 750-4625

Website: nkyalphalawns.com

Rating: 5.0 Stars

Our buddy Ethan owns Alpha Lawns.  We often help each other out when one of us go on vacation during the growing season or if we need help playing catch up after a lot of rainfall.

Ethan focuses on lawn mowing in and near Union, KY.  We highly recommend Ethan if you are looking for a lawn service in Boone County.

Oasis Tree and Turf

Oasis Tree and Turf Logo

Phone: (513) 697-9090

Website: aalawns.com

Rating: 4.6 Stars

Oasis Turf & Tree is actually a company we do not know a whole lot about.

From what we can tell, this is a Cincinnati based lawn and landscape company trying to break into the Northern KY market.

Our only warning about choosing Oasis if you are located in NKY is that responsiveness may be slow as your property is going to be located some distance from their business and management team.  Oasis is the obvious choice on our list if you are in need of tree care.

Pro Lawn Care

Pro Lawn Care Logo

Phone: (859) 957-7915

Website: prolawncarenky.com

Rating: N/A

Pro Lawn Care is another company that also serves Cincinnati.  There website is very hard to look at but from what we can tell, they offer about every lawn or landscape service you can imagine.

If you feel Pro Lawn Care is the right choice for you, contact them.

Merkle Lawn Care

Merkle Lawn Care Logo

Phone: (859) 781-8652

Website: merklelawncare.com

Rating: 3.6 Stars

Merkle Lawn Care has been operating in Northern KY since 1984.  The owner definitely has a lot of experience and has assembled a great team.

You may see Merkle working on maintaining the interstates in Northern Kentucky and beyond as these large government contracts seem to be a large part of their business.

If you are looking for residential lawn care, Merkle may not be the best choice for you.


TruGreen Logo

Phone: (859) 475-1871

Website: trugreen.com/local-lawn-care/kentucky/florence/

Rating: 3.6 Stars

We had to put TruGreen on the list, but cannot say we recommend them and that is backed up if you read their reviews.

In our opinion, TruGreen has just gotten to large to effectively serve their clients from a customer service standpoint and from a quality standpoint.

TruGreen is notorius for applying lawn treatments outside the recommended time frames to allow them to get all of their clients work done.  Our recommendation is to find a local business that can provide you with more personalized care. 

Central Lawn Care

Central Lawn Care Logo

Phone: (859) 485-2024

Website: centrallawncare.com

Rating: 4.2 Stars

Central Lawn Care is another lawn time lawn service provider in Northern KY ran by a great family.

Central Lawn Care also serves Cincinnati.  Their website is hard to look at with many broken elements and text over images making it hard to read and provide more insight about this company.  They offer general lawn and landscape services.

NKY Lawn Pros

NKY Lawn Pros Logo

Phone: (859) 609-5356

Website: nkylawnpros.com

Rating: 5.0 Stars

NKY Lawn Pros takes the cake for the worst website.  The tan text on a blue background makes it almost impossible to read. It seems they serve Northern KY with primarily lawn mowing services.

Nature’s Way Landscaping

Natures Way Landscaping Logo

Phone: (859) 282-7119

Website: natureswaynky.com

Rating: 3.4 Stars

Nature’s Way Landscaping is a premium lawn and landscape service option.  They certainly do great work and it comes with a hefty price tag.

Nature’s Way is a family business that invests heavily in the best of the best equipment and commercial contracts.

For residential clients, Nature’s Way may be worth getting a quote for a landscaping project, but for more common services like mowing and pruning you could find a much less expensive service provider that would do just as good work.

Cru Cutters

Cru Cutters Logo

Phone: (859) 630-9995

Website: crucuttersllc.com

Rating: 3.0 Stars

Cru Cutters seemed to be another typical lawn and landscape service when they first hit the scene.  Since then, it seems Cru Cutters is moving more towards the design/build side of the industry.

If their 3-star rating on Google is any indication of what you could expect, we recommend contacting a smaller, more focused lawn care service for your needs.

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Tree Service


Go-Getter Tree Service

Phone: (859) 279-3425

Website: go-gettertreeservice.com

Rating: 4.8 Stars

Over the years we have referred many people to Ben and his team at Go-Getter Tree Service.  They are very reasonably priced, right in-line with the competition.  But, they are true professionals with the right equipment to perform your tree work in a timely manor without damaging anything.  They are also fully licensed and insured in case an accident does occur.