1-Time Lawn Mowing Service

Here are the details specific to our weekly mowing service clients.

Billy with B N B Lawn Mowing LLCHi,

I am Billy Jewell, the owner of B N B Lawn Mowing LLC.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  We are happy to get to work if you choose us as your lawn mowing service provider.

single service mowing only

We have a pricing page to get you an idea of the cost.  Please note you can go ahead a multiple the stated pricing by 1.5 or 2 to get a better idea of our 1-time mowing service price would be.

We are happy to perform a 1-time mow, but we are not willing to lose money in the process.  We are a business that operates like a business and we know our numbers.  Please do not be upset or offended if you think the price we quote for a 1-time service is high.  That is the lowest amount we can charge to achieve the profit margins needed to stay in business.

I Just Need My Lawn Mowed Once

Please understand we are adults with families to care for.  We are happy to perform 1-time mowing services if our schedule allows.  Our weekly and bi-weekly service clients are what keep us in business and they are our top priority respectively.

With that said, we would honestly like to help if at all possible.  

What you can expect if you have us mow 1-time:

  • Pre-payment is required.  We will not mow your lawn 1-time without payment in advance.   Thanks for understanding.
  • Please give us as much notice as possible.
  • We will mow your lawn as close to the date you desire your lawn being mowed as possible.  It all depends when we will be serving our regularly scheduled clients in your area next.
  • Often we show up to really long grass when asked to perform a 1-time service.  We kind of assume it will be long at this point.  Our quote reflects this assumption, but part of the reason our 1-time mowing service pricing is higher than the rest is it takes time to setup your account and process payment for that 1 service.  We have to be properly compensated for the time involved in your service for it to make sense for us to do it.

What if…

...my lawn has a fence?

We always assume we will be trimming the interior perimeter of your fence.  Sometimes it is obvious to us that will need to trim both sides. Please let us know if trimming of the outside perimeter of your fence is expected during the quoting process.

...my lawn has a small gate?

Small gates are not the end of the world, but often add time to complete a mowing service as we are forced to use smaller machines.  We can get inside any size gate with our smallest mower, it will probably add a couple bucks per service to account for the additional time involved.

...my lawn has a steep hill?

We deal with steep slopes all of the time.  We really are not worried about any slopes on lawns in the Northern Kentucky area.

...I have outdoor pets?

Dogs are the most common, but we've seen chickens in a Hebron subdivision!  Seriously.  No real worries if you have pets.  Please pick up toys and pet waste the evening before your scheduled service.  We always shut gates!  It is a big deal to us that every gate is shut before we leave your property.

...I have children?

No worries.  We always show up in a company vehicle and in uniform.  Are employees are friendly and approachable.  We kindly ask you to remove any toys from the lawn if possible the evening before your service.

...it has rained a lot recently?

We are really good at getting to know our clients wishes when it comes to mowing their lawn in wet conditions.  It is really your preference and depends a little on how well your lawn drains.  We can often cut it if desired or can certainly skip it one week and catch it up the next.

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