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Lawn Mowing Pricing

Every Mowing Service Includes:


The Mowing Itself

? Yes indeed.  Every mowing service we perform includes running the lawn mower over your lawn.

Trimming & Edging

All of that mowing would be for not if we didn’t trim around obstacles and edge the concrete borders.

Clean Up

Before we go we double check our work as we blow all of the grass clippings off your pavement and out of your beds.


How We Determine Your Mowing Quote

We take several things into account before we provide our mowing quote and we keep it really simple.  The only thing that really matters to us is how much time we will have in your mowing service.  Below you will find our pricing table and examples of lawns that fall into those pricing tiers.

*If you have a very small amount of grass or if we are mowing your neighbor’s lawn already, there is a chance your price your quote would be less than the stated pricing.  The purpose of our pricing page is to get you a good idea of your cost and our hope is we can do it for a little less!

1/2 Acre Lots

Approx. 22,000 sq. ft.
  • Pricing varies based on your lawn’s unique characteristics.

3/4 Acre Lots

Approx. 33,000 sq. ft.
  • Pricing varies based on your lawn’s unique characteristics.

1+ Acre Lots

Approx. 44,000 sq. ft.
  • Pricing varies based on your lawn’s unique characteristics.
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What Characteristics Affect Our Mowing Prices?

Great question!  The size of your lawn is certainly a factor.  More specifically, the amount of grass your lawn has.  Since we don’t mow things like your home, the driveway, or the pool, we subtract out those items and only take into account the amount of grass you have to cut.

Your lawn’s location compared to us and our current clients.  Drive time kills most lawn care companies.  We are burning gas and paying employees while they are not generating any revenue for our company.  We only mow in parts of FLorence, KY to keep our drive time to a minimum.  If your lawn happens to be out of the way for us, we will have to account for the additional drive time in your quote.

Fences, corner lots, trampolines, pools, hills, and obstacles raise our pricing.  All of these add additional time and/or difficulty to our job.  We do our best to accommodate anyone interested in our service, but please understand if your lawn has any of these characteristics it will slightly affect the quote we provide you.

1/4 Acre Lot Lawn Mowing Pricing

Quarter Acre Lot Pricing

$50 Lawn Example

Amount of Grass: 6,300 Sq. Ft

Lot Size: 10,200 Sq. Ft

Notable characteristics:

  • $50 is our minimum charge for any lawn mowing service stop no matter the size.
  • Corner lot – This typically means the amount of sidewalk edging is doubled which adds a couple of dollars to our pricing.
  • Fenced-in backyard – Fences often limit the size of mower we can use and always create additional trimming time for that mowing service.
  • It’s flat – Lawns without steep slopes allow us to complete the service faster often making that lawn on the lower end of our pricing tier.

Pictures of this lawn:

Front Lawn

Front Lawn Mowing

Back/Side Lawn

Front Lawn Mowing

1/2 Acre Lot Lawn Mowing Pricing

Half Acre Lot Pricing

$60 Lawn Example

Amount of Grass: 11,500 Sq. Ft

Lot Size: 22,600 Sq. Ft

Notable characteristics:

This lawn has nearly twice the amount of grass than the 1/4 example above, but it is only $10 more per mowing service.  Why?


  • Few obstacles – This lawn has a couple trees and beds in the lawn, but for the most part, it is wide open mowing.
  • Slight slope in the back – It’s hard to tell, but this lawn has a slight slope in the back, not enough to affect the price though.

Pictures of this lawn:

Front Lawn

Front Lawn Mowing

3/4 Acre Lot Lawn Mowing Pricing

3 Quarter Acre Lot Pricing

$70 Lawn Example

Amount of Grass: 20,100 Sq. Ft

Lot Size: 28,200 Sq. Ft

Notable characteristics:

  • Flag lot – Flag lots are often larger than most other lawns in the neighborhood and since the lot is set back off the street, it creates additional time in the job.
  • Lots of obstacles – As you can see, this lawn has numerous items to mow and trim around.  We have to account for this additional time in our quote.
  • Fenced in backyard – To further complicate this mowing service, the backyard is fenced in which always adds addtional time for trimming and usually adds to our mowing time as well as we often need to use a smaller mower to fit in the gate.

Pictures of this lawn:

Front Lawn

Flag Lot Mowing

Back/Side Lawn

Larger Lawn Mowing


Chance you will ? our mowing service!

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