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Installation and Removal

Landscape Renovations

Landscapes don’t last forever.  When it is time for a landscape renovation, give us a call.

Life is busy and sometimes landscapes get overgrown…it happens to the best of us!

We can overhaul an overgrown landscape, rip out a couple dead plants, or/and install a handful of plants.  If your landscape needs  a complete re-do, we can draw up a fresh landscape design perfect for you.

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Landscape Installation

We install any plants small enough to be dug out and installed by hand.

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Landscape Removal

We do not remove trees, call Go-Getter Tree Service for that, but all other overgrown plant material we can handle.

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Landscape Designs

Ryan Sciamanna is our landscape designer.  He has 11+ years of experience and a YouTube Channel followed by over 10,000 landscape professionals.

Work directly with Ryan to get exactly the landscape you picture in your head.

Ryan listens to your wants and needs, then determines which plants will meet or exceed your needs, work within the confines of your beds, and thrive with your sunlight conditions.

We prefer to get our plant material from Ammon Nursery as they offer the best prices in Northern KY and have the greatest selection.  If you would like to pick out your plants, we recommend stopping by Ammon Nursery.

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Overgrown Landscape Management

We whip landscapes back into shape!

We get calls for overgrown landscape management all of the time and actually enjoy performing these services.

It gives us a great feeling looking at the before and after pictures.

5 star mowing service
100% Money-Back Guarantee

We do this for a living.

If you are not happy with our service.  You don’t pay for our service.


Affordable Lawn Mowing Service

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We mow grass for a living.  If you are not happy with our service.  You don't pay for our service.  Period.

How does the process work?

We are easy to work with.  All you need to do is request your lawn mowing quote.  You can do this using the form below or you can call, text, or email us.  All of our contact options are available on the 'Hire Us' page.

We will get you our quote within 24 hours, usually much quicker than that, and you let us know if you would like us to do it or not.

Pretty easy right?

If you have any questions, please just ask or check our FAQ page.

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