Mulch Delivery and Installation

We spend our days mowing yards, but we also understand that mulching your flower beds is hard work!

Many homeowners in Northern KY don’t have the means or ability to mulch their landscape beds themselves.

We’d like to off you a free, no-obligation mulch quote for your consideration. Contact us today to get your free estimate and see when we’d be available to install your mulch.

We buy our mulch from several Northern KY landscape nurseries but prefer to purchase our mulch from Ohio Mulch in Burlington is possible as they always have high-quality mulch at the best prices around.

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Flower Bed Maintenance

Refreshing the mulch in your flower beds makes them look great but also have other benefits.

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Flower Bed Weed Control

If refreshing the mulch in your beds isn’t an option, contact us for a quote to pull the weeds and perform a quick spruce up.

Pine Straw Is A Mulch Alternative

What if you don’t like mulch?

Well, meet pine straw!

Pine straw is becoming more and more popular in NKY.  It is more popular than mulch in the south.  It has a unique look and offers some other benefits over some types of mulch as well.

One place we recommend you use pine straw instead of mulch is under pine trees.  If you try to install mulch under a pine tree, you will forever be fighting a losing battle!

Another reason to consider pine straw is if you know you have a termite problem.  Since pine straw is not made of wood, termites are not a worry at all.  Cypress and some other types of mulch are also much less likely to attract termites than typical hardwood mulches are.  But, mulch has never been known to be a worry as far as termites are concerned anyway.

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Types Of Mulch

Mulch is available in many colors.  Our favorite is refered to as ‘black platinum.’  It is actually a dark brown, finely shredded bark mulch that just look amazing!

Dyed red and black hardwood mulches are also very popular.

If you prefer a lighter color mulch, pine chips, pine nuggets, cedar, or cypress mulch might be the route you want to go.

Should I Prune My Plants Before Mulching?

Yes, you should!  Well, assuming your plants could use a trim when you are preparing to have fresh mulch installed.

It only makes sense to spread the new mulch in your landscape beds after all of the clippings and debris from the pruning service has cleaned up and removed.

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