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Seasonal Flowers

Annual Flower Designs

Seasonal flowers make stunning annual flower designs full of color and life.

In Northern Kentucky, we have spring and fall annual flowers.

By adding annual flowers to your landscape each spring and fall, you can really take a good landscape to great fast!

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Spring Annuals

Petunias and pansies are very popular spring annuals but there are many other choices.

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Fall Annuals

Mums and begonias are the most popular fall annuals with many other options.

Seasonal Pop Of Color

Is your landscape lacking a little color and pizazz?

Seasonal flowers are your answer!

Many landscapes in Northern KY are comprised of bushes and shrubs that often do not flower such as boxwoods, taxis and yews, and aborvitaes.

The addition of spring or fall annuals spruce up those overwhelmingly green landscapes for months a at time.

What is the difference between annual and perennial flowers?

Very simply, the difference between annuals and perennials is that annuals only last 1 season, while perennials come back year after year.

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Perennial Flowers

You may be wondering, what about perennials?

Perennials can certainly add spring and fall color, along with color all season long in some cases.  Often annuals provide more than one season of color too.  From spring into summer for example.

Perennials are most costly than annuals.  They are often larger plants too.  Since annuals are relatively cheap and small, that make the perfect medium to create really cool displays of color in your flower beds.

The Secret to Annual Flowers

Annual flowers are more delicate then most other plants and need to be treated as such if you really want a stunning flower display!

Soil conditioner is the secret ingredient.  We always mix in soil conditioner when planting our annual flowers.  This boost of nutrients and lose surrounding soil make for perfect conditions for annual flowers to thrive.

Mulching around your annual flowers is also a very smart move.  The mulch helps regulate the temperature of the soil and retain moisture which the flowers really appreciate.

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