Fall Clean Up

Fall Lawn Services

It’s fall y’all!

Now…it’s time to get to work in the lawn and landscape once again.

When the seasons change in Northern KY, it leads to a lot of yard work needing to be done. Thankfully, instead of doing the lawn chores yourself, you can always hire us to handle the yard work in between mowing services!

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Fall Leaf Pick Up

Leaf removal is the biggest fall lawn service in NKY.  Learn more about our leaf removal service.

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Prepare Your Lawn For Winter

Leaving the debris from the season change on your lawn can lead to major damage the following year.

Lawn and Landscape Winterization

Is lawn and landscape winterization really a thing?


If you do not prepare your lawn and landscape for the fast approacing winter ahead, you are leaving the door open to numerous potential problems we want you to avoid.

Several things can happen if you skip fall lawn services including plant disease, turf disease, and permentaly damaged plants.

Leaving the leaves in your lawn and landscape to decompose slowly throughout the winter is the best way to introduce disease and fungi to your lawn and landscape.  By removing the leaves in the fall, you avoid this potential costly mistake.

Some plants need to be pruned in the fall or you risk distrupting their natural growth habits or potentially pruning off flower buds in the spring.

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Fall Pruning

You can learn more about our pruning services but fall pruning is certainly a big service for us.

By the time fall rolls back around many plants have a full season of growth that is looking a little straggly at this point to say the least.

A fall pruning service is the best bang for your buck in lawn care as you know your plants will be looking perfect until they start growing again in the spring.

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