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Core Aeration Service

Did you know?

Aerating your lawn is the single most beneficial thing you can possibly do to improve its overall health. 

Well, it is true! There are a number of reasons why, and we will cover all of them.

Please note that we primarily focus on lawn mowing and our availability depends on our schedule, however we’re always excited to fit in a lawn aeration service when we can.

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Improve Turf Density

When you combine an aeration service with overseeding, you fill in thin and bare spots.

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Improve Root Health

After an aeration service, your grass’ roots are able to expand more easily and dive deep to reach much needed water and nutrients.

Thorough Lawn Aerating

We pay attention to detail with every service we offer, but when aerating it is especially important.

When you hire B N B Lawn Mowing to aerate your lawn, you can rest assured we will poke holes everywhere in your lawn that the aerating machine can reach. We run the machine as close to borders as we can and take extra time to get in the corners.

1 pass with the aeration machine is not enough! That is why we always run the machine over each lawn a 2nd time to quite literally poke twice as many holes.

After your aeration service, if you have trouble keeping up with the lawn mowing, we would be happy to take that chore off your plate as well.

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Lawn De-Thatching

De-thatching your lawn is a similar service to aerating.

Instead of poking holes in your lawn’s soil surface, it kicks up all thatch that has accumulated on your soil’s surface.

Aerating pokes holes in the thatch which is usually sufficient for most lawns, but lawns with thick thatch layers may be better suited for a de-thatching as opposed to an aeration.

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