You may be wondering what is a sulky or why should I care?

BNB Lawn Mowing is all about educating our clients and sharing why we perform the lawn and landscape services we offer in the manner that we do.

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Mower With Sulky

What is a Proslide XT Lawn Mower Sulky?

So, you may have noticed that the majority of professional lawn mowing companies like BNB Lawn Mowing ride on something behind their lawn mowers.  That is the ‘lawn mower sulky.’

Traditionally lawn mower sulkies have been fitted with 1 or 2-wheels to allow the sulky to travel over the soil surface or driveway, sidewalk, or parking lot.  We choose to go with a ‘platform’ style sulky for safety reasons of regarding our employees and for the health and appearance of our clients’ lawns.

We do not use these ‘wheeled’ sulkies and we are about to tell you why and why you should care!

The whole purpose behind using a lawn mower sulky of any sort is to reduce user fatigue as it is not uncommon for a professional mowing service to cut 20 or more residential lawns in a single day.

2 Wheel Sulky

Wheeled Sulkies are Damaging Your Lawn

We just mentioned we choose to use the platform style sulky ‘…for the health and appearance of our clients’ lawns.’

What did we mean?

Let’s start with the appearance of a lawn after it is mowed with a lawn mower that had a single-wheel sulky attached.

We are really big on ‘stripes.’  You have probably noticed the lines left in lawns after it is mowed with a professional lawn mower.  All that is happening here is the blades of the grass are tilted slightly depending on which direction the mower was going when it cut the grass.  The stripes alternate from light to dark repeatedly.  This stripe pattern is simply the light reflecting off of the blades of grass.

The big issue with 1-wheel sulkies is that they leave a narrow, really dark stripe in the middle of the mower stripe!  That was a good enough reason for us to not use them, but it gets worse. 

1 Wheel Sulky

1-Wheel Sulkies are Compacting Your Lawn

This is because of all of the PSI being applied to the ground where the wheel rolls over it.  Not only does this not look good at all, but if the soil is damp at all, every bit of your lawn that the single wheel rolls over is being extremely compressed.

What happens when your lawn’s soil gets compressed?

There are several negative consequences and they all have to do with the health of your lawn.  Your turf’s root system is going to have a much harder time expanding in the compacted soil.  Worse still, water and nutrients are going to have a much tougher time getting down to the root zone in the compacted soil.  

If your soil is compacted and water and nutrients can’t travel deep into your soil, it is going to promote a shallow root system leaving your lawn susceptible to drought and disease.  If water and nutrients aren’t traveling deep into your soil, your turf’s root system will not even attempt to dive deep because there is nothing there for them to retrieve.  Before you know it, your lawn is going to start looking worse and worse over time.

Wheeled Sulkies are a Liability to Homeowners

We aren’t done educating you just yet!

Would you like to get sued by your lawn mowing company?

We assumed not.  Allowing your lawn service to ride on your lawn with these outdated wheeled sulkies is leaving the door wide open.  Wheeled sulkies are notorious for jackknifing.  They can also get caught on the ground when attempting to back up and cause the drive wheels of the mower to lift off the ground.  On a hill, this can easily cause the mower to flip over.

Most lawn and landscape companies never actually make money.  There is no barrier to entry.  To you have a truck and a lawn mower?  Well, you could be in business tomorrow too.

Why BNB Lawn Mowing Customer Love Us

We Care About Our Clients and Their Lawns

BNB Lawn Mowing is a completely legitimate business authorized to perform lawn and landscape services in the state of Kentucky. We choose to only serve our local communities which include Boone, Kenton, and parts of Campbell County.  We have workers comp, commercial insurance on our work trucks, and a $1M general liability policy in place to protect you.

We run the business right and we operate our equipment in the same manner.  We aren’t looking for the cheapest solution or what the other companies are doing.  We are looking for what is best for you, our client, homeowners and businesses in Northern KY.

Give us a call or request your lawn mowing quote online and let us show you how much better your lawn looks when mowed with a Proslide XT instead of a wheeled sulky.  We have a feeling you will be pleasantly surprised!

If you happen to own a commercial walk behind mower or own a lawn mowing company, learn more about the Proslide XT lawn mower sulky at iGoPro Lawn Supply.